Our Patients Love Us!

5 star ratingI had a really wonderful experience here, and I never say that about the dentist! The office is clean and chic, everyone is very friendly and I was in and out for a cleaning in 30 minutes. They even give out a goody bag afterward! Highly recommend
Kara S. Avatar
Kara S.
5 star ratingBest experience of first visit ever!! Free consultation followed by a treatment plan. Friendly staff and dentist. Modern office feels like home and adds good more to the dental experience which i am not a fan of. Thank you all for making me feel safe during Covid times.
Galina R. Avatar
Galina R.
5 star ratingI've actually never seen or been to a dentist office so nice and state of the art looking,it was a very relaxing experience ( and I had a tooth extracted)..the efficiency was refreshing as well.I'm not going anywhere else..
Raymond H. Avatar
Raymond H.
5 star ratingI was looking for a dentist closer to home, and I'm so happy that I found Dr. David at One Dental via a quick google search!

David is super professional, easy to talk to, and I loved that he was so thorough when it came to finding the reason I was experiencing dental problems. He gave me all my options, and I'm excited to make this place my permanent dental home.
Mayra C. Avatar
Mayra C.
5 star ratingPerfect place for dental care. Nice people with easy and warm experience! Very clear explanation of cost and items.
Weihua Y. Avatar
Weihua Y.
5 star ratingFirst-class dental experience. On my first visit I was greeted by a happy, friendly staff. Staff took all COVID precautions before I entered building (standard COVID questions and a temperature check). The office has a modern, sleek and upscale style that was not overtly abnoxious but rather bright and cozy. I was happy to get a chance to speak to the dentist prior to sitting down in the dental chair. Dr. Kim was warm, professional and took great detail discussing my dental history and asking if I had any concerns or questions. After my brief meeting I was ushered to x-rays which were taken by a state of the art machine. X-rays were seamless and took very little time. I entered the exam room and sat down on the dental chair which was very comfortable. I was asked if I would like to choose a Netflix show to watch while I had my dental exam and cleaning. Delighted I said yes! There were 2 flat screen t.v.s in the office one on the wall and one located on the ceiling. When Dr. Kim began to check and clean I felt safe, comfortable and at ease. Dr. Kim took time to explain the x-rays and treatment plan. After my exam I was gifted a box which included not only your typical tooth brush and travel tooth paste, but a hand written thank you, an Esos lip therapy stick, gum and mouth wash. The tooth brush was green and modern. When asked if I had a good experience, enthusiastically I responded absolutely and I can't wait to return for my next service; which is not a typical response when asked about a return dental visit. If you are looking for a new dentist for you or your family; I highly consider you to check out One Dental, they have certainly set a high bar.
Mary Jane A. Avatar
Mary Jane A.
5 star ratingGreat experience. All new and advanced equipment. Staff is welcoming and helpful. Dr Kim was excellent and pays attention to the patient's needs and questions.
Anandkumar K. Avatar
Anandkumar K.
5 star ratingI'm not one to normally do reviews. However this is the best dental facility I have EVER been to. Hands down! Even if you hate the dentist I'm sure you will love this place. They are considerate of your needs not only for your mouth but your peace of mind and comfort. I told the doctor, "where have you been all my life?". Plus their place is just awesome with top of the line technology. And who wouldn't love being able to watch their favorite Netflix show while getting a little checkup? Can we say Netflix and floss?? So cool. You have me as a patient for as long as I'm in the area.
Kimberly T. Avatar
Kimberly T.
Loved this One Dental Office. Dr and all his staff are wonderful. State-of-the-Art equipment. I will highly recommend One Dental to all my family and friends.
Gloria F. Avatar
Gloria F.
I don’t hesitate to refer my family and friends here. Dr. David Kim and his staff are great!
AJ A. Avatar
Just finished my second visit and happy to call Dr. Kim my new dentist!Place looks great and lots of state of the art equipment. Their Netflix setup is awesome!Dr. Kim and his staff are attentive and knowledgeable – look forward to future visits, and will be recommending them to both family and friends.-Mike
Michael V. Avatar
Michael V.
I had such a great experience at one dental, everyone was so nice and helpful! I will not go to another dentist office ever again!
Mark M. Avatar
Mark M.
5 star ratingThis place is extremely modern. The x-ray machine was one that rotated around your head. The rooms in the waiting area are very well decorated. I love the fact that the TVs are not only on the wall but also on the ceiling for entertainment during your cleaning procedures. I highly recommend One Dental.
Javi D. Avatar
Javi D.
5 star ratingVery clean place with modern tech touch. The staff is super courteous and great at what they do.
Umar S. Avatar
Umar S.
5 star rating1000/10 will come back & take my family + future family here! This dental office does not feel like your ordinary dentist. You're greeted a warm welcome as you walk in by the front staff and they have COVID protocols ie. temp at the door, pre COVID screening & sanitizer to keep the staff and clients safe. The decor is so beautiful. A+ for whoever designed the office. dr. Kim was so nice and helpful as he went through what I'll be expecting for the exam and what we are planning to do today. Lets talk about their dentist chair… it's a massage chair and has HEATED SEATS WHAT!!! And not to mention when you are seated you can watch Netflix and when it's time to lay you back, you can continue watching it because the TV and ALSO mounted on the ceiling???!!! Amazing. Love it. At the end they give you a WARM TOWEL to freshen up your face. It was my first time stepping foot into this office and i gotta say, one dental was VERY impressive. I don't usually write reviews but this definitely deserved a 5 star review. They also give you a little goodie bag and i think it's the cutest thing ever! Definitely with the luxury feel, friendly staff and doctor, little goodies given, I will be returning with my family and friends. Make sure you snag an appointment when you can, they get booked pretty quickly! Shout out to Tiffany for referring me here! Definitely an upgrade from my last dental office and i love it!!!
Yvonne L. Avatar
Yvonne L.
5 star rating10/10 dentist experience – goodie bags are always so nice (cocofloss!).
Heyun J. Avatar
Heyun J.
5 star ratingIt is so weird to feel this strongly about a dentist office, but I love this place! I feel like I've been missing out the entire time I was in the Bay Area. No disrespect to my previous dentist but Dr.Kim's office is on another level.

Scheduling, filling out the intake forms, and checking my insurance was super easy and done online in advance. On the day of my appointment to get cleaning done, I was able to find parking right away since it's a big lot, and it was also easy to find the office.

When I arrived, I did a check in with Dr.Kim before going to the exam room and getting x-rays. Most dentists just do this check in while you're in the chair, but I appreciated doing this initial intake as a new patient in a regular chair and office because it felt a lot more comfortable. I was able to ask him questions and get his advice on whitening which I eventually decided to get too.

I feel so bad but I can't remember the name of his assistant who did my cleaning and whitening, but she was also awesome! Her and Dr.Kim were really thorough in their work and I felt like I was in good hands the entire time.

I also love the aesthetic of the office and it makes it more pleasant to be there. They even give you a cute little gift box at the end of your appointment. πŸ™‚ I highly recommend this place!
Vivian L. Avatar
Vivian L.
5 star ratingDr. David is a great dentist, and his office comes with literal amenities — a TV on the ceiling with Netflix so you can watch what you want, a great bag of goodies after the first visit (it even had ~branded~ lip balm), and my favorite part: a hot, steaming, lemon scented towel to freshen up after the procedures and cleaning.

Amenities aside, Dr. David is mindful and attentive to the patient's needs. He asked many questions about my past dental care and made sure I felt comfortable and knowledgeable about every procedure he was going to do. I had a normal cleaning and two fillings. He made sure the anesthetic had totally taken effect before starting the filling. There was no pain and no fumbling around with the instruments.

The receptionists and dental techs are so friendly and expert at what they do, as well! Don't think I don't appreciate all your hard work!

I felt so spoiled! After seeing Dr. David, you will never want to go to another dentist again.
K R. Avatar
K R.
5 star ratingSuper accommodating, Kick ass facility and always willing to answer any questions. Already recommended to my gf.
Jugz S. Avatar
Jugz S.
5 star ratingEveryone at One Dental are so friendly and very professional. I love all TV screens that makes any visit very enjoyable.
Keith I. Avatar
Keith I.
The One Dental provided the best experience that I have ever had in the dental clinic! Their space and interior is super clean, neat, and modern. Dr. Kim and all members in the clinic were very kind and welcoming. Taking X-ray was easy and clean. They have two large TVs that I can watch Nexflix while taking the treatment! I was given a noise cancelling headphone – all these made my experience a lot more enjoyable πŸ™‚ I can highly recommend visiting the One Dental.
Jongmin Seo
5 star ratingI found One Dental on Yelp and after not going for many years due to extreme anxiety knew this could be the place for me! The reviews were not wrong and it really was the best cleaning I've ever had. My days of dreading going to the dentist are behind me and I'm looking forward to my return to do some preventative treatments!
Krista S. Avatar
Krista S.
I am so happy that I visit this new dental office after a friend referral. I am impressed by the clean, sleek and thoughtfully decorated office. Dr David is very patient and knowledgeable during the consultation I had with him on a complex procedure. The best dental office!!!
Jing W. Avatar
Jing W.
5 star ratingIf I could sum this dentist up in one word it would be "luxury." Every step of the process felt modern and easy. It sounds like an exaggeration but it felt more like a spa than a dentist. Massage chairs, TV's on the ceiling to watch Netflix during cleanings, hot face towel to clean up with, and a box of presents on the first visit. Even as someone who doesn't really like going to the dentist I am weirdly looking forward to going back each visit. Highly recommend!
Connor G. Avatar
Connor G.